Age: 9 months old
Adoption Status:

callieA huge thank you to Under My Wing Pug Rescue for all that you do for the dogs, the foster families and for what you have done for us personally. From the minute we saw Callie ( previously named Bruin) on your site we knew she was meant to be with us. We have another pug pup, Stella and knew she would make a great companion for her and fit well into our family. From the minute we got her Stella was sure this was the best “toy” we had ever brought home. Callie is a sweet pug who just loves to be cuddled and have companionship from humans and dogs alike. After having her for a little while we are really getting to see her personality come alive and she really is quite a ham. She makes us laugh on a daily basis with her clumsiness and facial expressions, we have a lot of fun with her. Stella and her are a perfect match, super adorable together or super bad, but either way we love watching them together, they are inseparable. When debating a second dog a co- worker (who had 3 dogs) had said to Josh “no one can play with a dog quite like another dog” and how true that is. This group cares about these dogs whole heartedly and I would strongly encourage anyone looking at getting a pug to consider a rescue. Thank you as well to Callie’s foster family, the Jewers, they were incredible. Janice was a huge help in why we decided to go this route as well. Right away after inquiring about Callie I could just tell how much time and love was being put into making sure she had a great home and that this was something very personal to her and her husband. It was great to know what a wonderful home they were providing to pave the way to her forever home, it really made our decision so simple. The day we met to get Callie it felt like we had already known them and they were exactly the kind of people we expected them to be, please keep up the great work, what you do changes lives and I wish there were more people like you. Thank you to Genevieve as well for all of your help throughout the process, but most of all for having the heart to say yes to dogs others might turn a blind eye to. One look at your website and you see how many people and dogs you have ” saved” and it’s incredible. As promised we will love Callie forever and we are so glad we could be her forever family.

Melissa and Josh