Cagney (formerly Marley)

Adoption Status:

cagneyWas going through dog rescue web site’s when I clicked on UNDER MY WING – Pug Rescue and from that day on our lives have never be the same. We saw a picture of Phoebe and fell in love. Adopted her February 14 2008. Since then I go on everyday and check it out. When Genevieve told she had a male Pug she needed to have fostered I felt it would be too much since we now had 5 dogs so we told her right now was not a good time. Len and I were always sorry we did not atleast give it a try. So when Genevieve told us Marley was coming back and needed fostering we said yes right away. We fostered him for about 5 minutes and then adopted him on September 19 2009, he fit in right away. We changed his name to Cagney and the rest is history. We have been involved in a few UNDER MY WING – Pug Rescueand have spread the word about how amazing rescue is. Genevieve and all the volunteers have done a great job. People tell us that Phoebe and Cagney are very lucky to have found us but really we are the lucky ones.

Tauny & Len