Age: 9 1/2 years old
Adoption Fees: $300
Adoption Status:

February 12, 2017 – Buffy is such a sweet girl.  She’s very dedicated to her foster mom and has settled in with the cats and dog very nicely.  She has gained a bit of weight over the past few weeks and is now looking very healthy, and she has the energy to match.  She’s an eager beaver when her foster family comes home, hopping up and down and running around.  She’s also very animated at meal times which, to be quite honest, are her very favourite times of the day.  Buffy’s hips have arthritis and dysplasia, so her back legs don’t always work as they should.  She copes very well and runs around the house and the back yard having lots of fun and goes up and down flights of stairs with no issues; but when she gets tired or when she’s been sitting quiet for a long time and she’s stiff her feet drag quite a bit and sometimes her back legs don’t want to work at all for very short periods of time.  Buffy is house trained very well; she always urinates outside and usually poos outside too, but she seems to have some trouble holding in her poo if she hasn’t been out in a while.  Buffy is a little cuddler who always wants to be sitting next to her person or sleeping with them in the big bed.  She is very quiet (except a meal times, when she make it clear with her woofs that she loves her food) and respectful of her people and the other pets.  She is a wonderful and dedicated companion.

February 7, 2017 – Buffy had a good time at the UMWPR Adoption Day this past Saturday.  She’s a sweet girl who loves everybody.  Buffy is very mobile despite the bad arthritis she has in her hind legs.  She is slowly gaining weight as she came to us emaciated.  Buffy is a  very loving dog who gets along well with everyone (dogs and cats).  Buffy will need to stay on hip/joint supplement forever.  The cost is about $80 for 6 months.  Buffy will soon be available for adoption.

January 25, 2017 – Buffy went to the vet for a complete check up and to be brought up to date in her vaccination.  She has lost 5lbs in the past year. She has hip dysplasia and most probably a pinched nerve in her spine.  Buffy can walk very fast but sometimes drags her hind legs.  We have started her on Tri-Acta to hopefully help her gain mobility and feel more comfortable in her movements.  She has also been put on pain medication to see if it will help.  Buffy is a very sweet girl who loves people and gets along well with other dogs.  Buffy has a huge appetite and she should be gaining the weight she has lost in the next couples of weeks.  If not, she will be back at the vet for more tests.

January 7, 2017 – Buffy is the first pug coming into rescue in 2017.  She was surrendered by her owner due to illness in the family.  Buffy is spayed and she is 9 1/2 years old and she is a super sweet girl. She has settled in very well and is happy to hang out with her new foster people. She gets along well with resident dog and is ok with the cats, although she is wary of them and tries to avoid them.  Buffy is very thin but she has a really good appetite and is eating and drinking very well.  She is fully house trained and lets you know when she wants to go outside.  Buffy definitely has some mobility issues in her back end. When she walks she sort of drags her back feet a bit. She asks to be picked up to go on the couch. She negotiates our back porch stairs with no problems, but she is nervous of the big stairs to the second floor (wood) and to the third floor (carpeted but steep), so we carry her.  She sleeps in the big bed.