Age: 5 years old
Adoption Status:

BrandyOutWe very happy with our puggies, Ella, Boogie and Ruby and had no plans to adopt again. I happen to be looking on the UMWPR website when I saw a picture of a little female who had been used as a breeder in a puppy mill. She had spent 5 years as a breeder and had lost an eye due to neglect. She ended up losing quite a few teeth and had surgery to repair her soft palate and then spayed. We took her home right after meeting her. She is very happy living here with us and the other pugs. I urge people all the time to give rescue dogs like mine a chance as they are amazing pets and so grateful for a good home. If you are ever at Critter Jungle you will likely see me with one of my pugs as they often come to work with me!

The Stankes