Age: 5 months old
Adoption Status:

014Boris was adopted on February 15 2012. He has been a perfect addition to our busy family. His puppy energy is put to good use entertaining the four young children in the house. He is thrilled to play endless rounds of fetch and will give up his ball with goodmanners and enthusiasm for the next throw but is equally happy curling up onthe couch in a pile of children to watch tv or read a book. He is a realsweetheart and just wants to be with his people (especially mom) all thetime. His crate training has done him well and all you have to do isreach for his favourite treat and he goes running in! He is doing wonderfullywith his obedience training and is quick to learn anything that is followed byloving words and a treat. We are so thankful to his amazing foster momwho took such good care of him and still checks in on his progress. Thank you UMWPR for the work that you do finding such lovely, deserving dogs a greathome.

Melanie, Cory and the kids