Age: 7 years old
Adoption Status:

boo02We adopted Boo in March and adopting her was the best decision we could have made. She is such a loveable dog and is perfect for our busy family. Our girls (8 and 6.5) love to cuddle her and sometimes dress her up like a doll. Due to the fact that she came into UMWPR very overweight, we try and walk her twice a day and she has definitely built up her endurance. She now looks forward to walking the kids to school in the morning and is quite excited to come along rather than being dragged along 😉 She is on a special weight loss program with the vet and has lost 2 pounds since being with us which apparently is perfect weight loss for a small dog in that time frame.

Prior to adopting her, we were considering buying a dog through Kijiji and we are so glad we didn’t. There are so many wonderful rescue dogs available. We couldn’t ask for a better child companion.

I would absolutely encourage everyone to adopt a rescue – we’ve ended up with a true gem.

Bettina, Trevor, Amelia & Evalea