Age: 3 years old
Adoption Status:

bobbyMay 2010 – It’s been two weeks since Bobby has come into our lives and he already feels like part of the family. He’s a funny little guy whose tongue perpetually creeps out of his mouth; it looks odd but we think it just gives him that much more character. We had expected some adjustment problems given all the changes in his life, but he’s already proven himself to be a very responsible fellow. There’s been no accidents since he arrived and we very quickly dispensed with his crate during our (infrequent) absences, because he’s shown that he can be trusted with the run of the house. Bobby was a little underweight when he arrived but like all pugs, appetite is not a problem and we’re confident he will soon fill-out. Bobby’s ‘porker’ instinct will also make training a breeze; he already knows sit and we’re working on stay — he clearly is trying very hard to please. Although we may not know his personality completely yet, we do understand him well-enough to be confident that he’s going to fit right in! After going ‘dog less’ for eight months, it is so nice to be woken up to an eager, happy face, just itching to spend another day with us and full of excitement about the coming day. Incidentally, as previous pug owners we knew we wanted another, but this was the first time we’ve adopted a ‘rescue’ through UNDER MY WING – Pug Rescue.
I cannot say enough positive things about the process: they ran a ‘thorough background check’ (including a house visit); they worked hard to match us with a dog that would fit our lifestyle and expectations; and Genevieve and Anne-Marie (Bobby’s foster mom) went the extra mile in answering our questions and sharing insights into Bobby’s background and personality. Bobby is just a great dog and we’re delighted that we’ve found each other: we definitely think this is a win / win situation.

Tim & Melanie