Age: 5 years old
Adoption Fees: $400
Adoption Status:

December 30, 2017 – Bobbie is gone to her forever home in the Niagara region.

December 22, 2017
– Bobbie got spayed on Tuesday. She also got her nostrils enlarged & her soft palate shortened to improve her breathing. She spent an overnight at the vets and has been home resting the past couple days. She is on antibiotics and pain medications for a few days and requires several small meals throughout the day to make sure she gets adequate nourishment while not causing any harm to the palate. She has been very sleepy and isn’t a huge fan of wearing the cone for the next two weeks but she is healing well. Bobbie has continued to do all her business outside. As a true pug, Bobbie doesn’t love winter, ice, snow and obviously salt. She now wears Pawz booties and her pretty knitted sweater when going for her walk and that makes her very happy.
She is much better at walking on leash now and she likes walking with her foster sisters. She does not like to lead and will stop and wait for her foster sisters to go ahead. Bobbie is currently eating a soft diet four times a day for the next two weeks and then can resume her previous diet. Bobbie sleeps in a bed on the floor. Though lately in protest of her cone she is falling asleep standing up and eventually lays down. Bobbie would be best suited for a family who is moderately active. She will need to be pushed to increase her activity level but she is not likely going to be interested in going on a run or hike. She would also be best suited with a family with an existing dog or pug as opposed to a solo dog. She likes to snuggle and groom her foster sisters and prefers they lead the walks. Bobbie now does the stairs all the time with no problem.  She is a very friendly girl and gets along with all the dogs we have seen her meet. She is so sweet and gentle. She really is just a calm girl.

December 12, 2017 – Bobby is such a blast. She is a cheerful and funny addition to our foster home. She is almost always happy and really loves to snuggle and play. Bobbie is going for a pre op checkup today for her spay and soft pallet surgery on December 19. She did have some skin breakdown between toes. With regular toe clipping, cleaning and polysporin it has cleared up. Bobbie had only one pee accident. Turns out she is not a fan of winter nor snow, she tricked us into thinking she had went outside and then peed inside. She hasn’t done this since. Such a smart girl. When the weather is nice, she likes walks. When it is cold and windy, she tries to sit in protest. She is learning that walks happen no matter the weather. She is very thankful for her warm knit sweated when we do go out.  She has no problem eating and drinking.  Bobbie sleeps in her own bed on the floor at the foot of our bed. She loves naps. Bobbie loves to run in circles when she is happy. She likes chasing the resident pugs and being chased. Bobbie has done the indoor stairs more and more. She just does them in her own time. And sometimes, she gets carried if she decides to fall asleep at the top of the stairs instead of coming down.  Socially, she has interacted well with other dogs we have met on the street. Bobbie is very affectionate and loves to show you how much she loves you. She also likes to cuddle one of the resident pugs.

December 5, 2017 – Bobbie went to the vet yesterday for a complete check up.  This sweet girl is 20lbs.  She needs to have her soft palate shorten and nostrils enlarged as she’s breathing very heavily.  She will get spayed at the same time.  The surgeries are scheduled for December 19.

December 4, 2017 – Bobbie is doing really, really well. She has been a very easy dog to transition to our home and follow a routine. Sometimes, when she gets really excited she has a tough time breathing it can get pretty bad. Overall she looks healthy, clean ears, nose, nicely clipped nails. Bobbie is a solid girl and will definitely benefit from weight loss. She has also had several reverse sneezing episodes when she gets excited.  Bobbie is house trained. She has not made any messes and does a great job doing her business outside. It does not appear that Bobbie has had much experience walking on leash. She doesn’t pull and is quite polite but spends a fair amount of time circling around us and needs some direction. She really enjoys walks and has a good amount of energy.  So far she eats well. She gets 1/4 cup of kibble with some wet food as a topper. She sometimes doesn’t completely finish it. However she is food obsessed and it appears she was fed table food. She has been known to beg, but is quickly learning that isn’t the rules in the foster home. Bobbie is the easiest girl to settle down at night. She quickly found her new bed all by herself last night and was asleep in no time. She slept all night and had to be woken up for breakfast this morning. Bobbie loves stuffed animals and likes to carry them around in her mouth and toss them in the air. She of course really likes to follow the humans around the house and goes where the resident pugs go too!  So far the only fear we have noted is she is not a fan of going down our indoor stairs. She will just sit at the top. So we have been carrying her. So stairs are new. We will work on them when she is ready. Socially she plays really well with the resident pugs. She is quite the curious girl and likes to check everything out in the house and on walks. Bobbie has major head tilts. Ask her a question or make some noise and she will show you all her head tilts. It is very cute.  Bobbie is the Kissing Monster! She loves to show her affection for you.  She really is just a sweet, sweet girl.

December 3, 2017 – Bobbie came to us yesterday.  She was retrieve from a hoarding situation.  Bobbie is a nice girl and she gets along well with other dogs.  Bobbie will be going to the vet this week for a complete check and to have her spaying surgery scheduled.  Stay tuned for more on this sweet girl as we get to know her more.