Age: 5 years old
Adoption Status:

BillieLeatherBillie is the absolute perfect fit for us. She’s a complete pleasure to have around and I think her constantly wagging tail is telling us she’s pretty content, too. She is such a happy girl; she loves walking, and as a typical pug, she’s a big fan of mealtime, “supervising” in the kitchen (and bathroom), and napping everywhere. She even fell asleep on my feet while I worked at the stove, and is currently on her back with her paws dangling in the air, snoring. She loves her new brother and has started to gauge his reaction to her little bursts of energy. She is always checking on him and myself – she’s like the little den mother! She loves her twice-daily walks and runs around like a piglet when I put her harness on her. She’s perfect – a total gem of a girl.

Thank you UMWPR for bringing this little princess into our lives. We are so happy and our family really is complete. Buddy says thanks, too, though he wishes she would leave at least ONE kibble behind in her breakfast bowl.

Sara & Buddy