Age: 12 years old
Adoption Status:

BentleyWhen Bentley first came here, he was very quiet and agreeable. He followed us everywhere, and did whatever we told him to do. Obviously he came from a good home at some point. In the middle of all that he went to the vet and had most of his teeth removed. The operation didn’t have the slightest affect on his appetite. After three weeks of fostering him, we decided to keep him, so our friends came over with their three pugs, and we had the infamous adoption party. doesn’t like winter, but then neither do we !!

Now that he has become a permanent member of the family, he is staking out his territory. My daughter bought him a baby blanket which he won’t be without. He has an upstairs and a downstairs bed, his own matched set of Harley-Davidson dishes, and a “Bad to the Bone” Harley collar.

He is very agreeable, gets along with everybody, including our cat. We call him our “high maintenance pet” He likes to be with us all the time. What a great dog !!!

Chris & Bonnie