Age: DOB April 22, 2022
Adoption Status:

November 7, 2022 – Bob & Bee have been adopted by their foster mom.

October 31, 2022 – Bee and Bob are getting sterilized this week.  They are getting adopted by their long term foster mum.

October 3, 2022 – Puppies had a great week. Bee had a visit to the Cedarview outdoor farmers market. She loves to jump on anything and everything possible.  Bob played hide and seek and was found in the kitchen pantry! Bob is learning how to go down two steps and go up and down the outdoor ramp before winter. They are working on sitting for 10 seconds and coming when prompted. They really enjoyed their playdate with brother Frankie.

September 7, 2022 – Ms. Bee is busy as ever and sometimes prefers to be the boss Bee! She rarely stops moving and is super inquisitive, and often instigates to play or chase. Bee is now 9lbs.

August 22, 2022 – Bee was happy to welcome her brother Bob back from his bilateral enucleation.  She was jumping and dancing when she saw him.

August 5, 2022
– Bee’s right eye was removed as it ruptured and was past the point of saving.  Luckily, the ulcer in her left eye healed and she has some vision in that eye.
Bob’s surgery consisted of a corneal graft on each eye.  After a very intense schedule of eye drops and care by two very special and caring vet technicians, Bob’s left eye is healed.  Bob is still receiving eye care on his right eye as it is healing slower.  Bob has some peripheral vision with hopes that additional healing will improve his vision overall. Bob has another recheck in a couple of weeks.
Bob and Bee have recently had their second set of vaccinations.  Both are progressing well and are an appropriate weight for their age.  Bob and Bee were given a dewormer the day after their vaccines.  Bob and Bee are smart and sassy at the same time.  They both know the sit and stay command.  Bee has perfected going up a small fight of stairs but is hesitant to come down them on her own.  Bob on the other hand hasn’t braved the stairs yet.
The puppies are full of energy and require lots of play time to develop their muscles and skills.  Bob has mastered finding the waterfall dish to drink out of.  He relies on his hearing to find his sister Bee as well.  He does run into stuff but under a watchful eye we help him avoid causing any further damage to his eyes.
When they have exhausted themselves from playing with toys, chewing on bully sticks or playing with each other they do enjoy a nice long nap.  They are currently sleeping in separate crates during the day and overnight to protect their eyes.  They sleep through the night and are not messing in their crates. There is still the odd accident in the house but when outside they understand “do your business”, of course followed by lots and lots of praise.  Bob and Bee are bonded and will be adopted together.  We will be very selective in choosing the home that Bob and Bee spend the rest of their lives in. Their home will need to be pug proofed.  Stairs will need to be blocked to prevent these puppies from falling down stairs with their poor eyesight.  Extra care will need to be taken inside and outside of the home to ensure the risk to their eyes is minimized.

July 12, 2022 – Bob & Bee are doing extremelly well, they eat and play like all normal puppies should.  They will soon be able to get their cone collar off.

July 1, 2022 – Bob and Bee had a following up appointment with their eye specialist yesterday morning and she was very pleased with what she seen during the exam. Bee will recovery quicker that Bob, but Bob is a being a little trooper and is handling his recovery very well at this point. They are both on some relaxants to “try” and keep them calm along with some pain management meds and eye drops, lots of eye drops! This sweet pair will require eye drops for the remainder of their lives. Their eyes will be reexamined this coming Monday to ensure that the healing process in coming along as it should. Bob and Bee are NOT AVAILABLE for adoption anytime soon. They will not leave the rescue until Bob has been neutered and Bee has been spayed.  Thank you so much to those that have donated to their medical fund. If you are interested in donating you can send an etransfer to ($25 gets you a tax receipt, please include your address in the notes section) or via CanadaHelps, who will issue you a tax receipt on our behalf.

June 30, 2022 *****************UPDATE: Bob and Bee had their surgery today. They are awake and recovering well. Bob had a graft in each eye and wee Bee unfortunately had to have her right eye removed. Good news for Bee is she didn’t require surgery on her left eye as the ulcer has healed. Tomorrow we will provide a more detailed update after their follow up exam in the morning! Thank you all for keeping this sweet pair in your thoughts and prayers!

June 28, 2022 – Bob & Bee arrived yesterday.  They both are born with eye problems, corneal ulcers.  They have seen an ophtalmologist this afternoon and both have surgery schedule for tomorrow.  More to come after the surgeries.  Bob & Bee are sibblings and they are born on April 22, 2022.