Age: 8 years old
Adoption Status:

UMWPR-BambiSeptember 25, 2013 – Bambi is going to her forever home in Sudbury today…..where she will share her life with a pug sister.

September 11, 2013 – Bambi is completely at home with us sleeping in a nest of blankets and pillows on the sofa or plopping herself down in the dog bed on the floor. She is a funny little girl insisting she needs to be picked up to get on the sofa yet when no one is around to help her she gets up all by herself. Occasionally she likes to play with stuffed animals and has pulled a toy out of the toy box and dragged it to the dog bed. She has even enjoyed a chew on a Nyla bone. Although she isn’t a big cuddler she is extremely affectionate and she likes to be close and of course she is always up for a belly or ear rub. Bambi is a clever little girl and has learned sit, wait, come and down(after only three tries). When she hears the words do you want to go for a walk her head pops up. She is so cute her tail wagging non stop as she patiently waits for her harness to be put on. She walks fairly well but is surprisingly strong for such a little dog when she decides there is something off the path she wants to sniff and she embraces all the attention she receives from the people we meet on our walks. Please contact us HERE if you are interested in adopting Bambi.

September 5, 2013 – Bambi is a real sweetheart and she is settling in well. She is curious and bright I only had to show her where the water dish was once. The first couple of days she’d follow me and cry when ever I got out of her sight but today she is much more relaxed and although she likes to know where I am she doesn’t cry and follow me everywhere. I left her alone for a short time today and she was really good taking her cue from her foster brothers she waited in the family room for me to return. She is completely housetrained and now enjoys free run of the house. When excited she barks but stops quickly if you ignore her. She is learning sit, come and wait and she is beginning to listen. Today when I was talking to her she was tilting her head trying to understand what I was saying to her. She is a real people pleaser who just wants to be loved and receive endless belly rubs. Bambi knows what the leash means and is always eager to go out. She enjoys meeting people and other dogs when we go out and she is a good traveler lying quietly in the back seat of the car occasionally looking out the window.

August 25, 2013 – Bambi is adjusting well after her spaying and dental surgeries and finally gets to see what all the fuss about wet food was! Bambi has a wonderful appetite and will no doubt continue to put on some much needed weight, already gaining over a pound! We are working on helping Bambi learn both official languages, however, it is apparent that French is indeed her first language. Bambi is fully housetrained and an absolute darling who stares at you with those huge doe eyes, begging for a belly rub. I dare anyone to turn her down. Bambi is quite independent and does not seem to need the company of anopther dog around, although does not mind them being near. Bambi knows her basic commands and will adjust immediately to any surrounding, as long as she is pampered and spoiled as she should be. If you are interested in adopting Bambi, please contact us HERE for an application form.

August 24, 2013 – Bambi was spayed yesterday and she had her teeth cleaned. She lost 7 teeth and already had 8 missing. Bambi is now 14lbs and ready to be adopted.

Bambi_CJAugust 19, 2013– Bambi is loving and living life to the fullest right now; surrounded by foster sister and brothers, she is getting along well with all. Bambi gets especially excited to see her foster brother Midas and it seems that she will do well in a forever home with or without four legged friends. Bambi listens very well and does not seem intimidated by humans, although we have clearly been cruel to her in her past life. Bambi realizes that her new life has begun and is taking it by the reigns! Bambi loves to jump and run, and enjoys the outdoors immensely. We are going to try our darndest to bring Bambi up from her emaciated 13 pound weight with some healthy food. We are feeding her a little often in order not to distend her tiny belly. Bambi will be spayed this coming Friday and will have some much needed dental work done at the same time. Stay tuned to read more about Bambi and see how she is feeling after her upcoming surgeries.

August 16, 2013 – We thought that the name Bambi suited this poor little soul, uncared for for so long. Clearly neglected, Bambi was found stray and we were alerted to her need to be rescued just in time. Bambi was briefly seen by a vet at the shelter where she was first brought and they estimated her to be about 8 years old. Bambi will visit the vet tomorrow morning for a checkup. Bambi is severely emaciated and extremely underweight and for this reason, we will ensure that it is perfectly safe before we have her spaying and dental surgery scheduled. Bambi is quite active, extremely loving and cuddly and is very happy to be in a warm, comfortable home. Stay tuned for more news on Bambi in the next few days.