Age: 6 1/2 years old
Adoption Fees: $600
Adoption Status:

March 25, 2022 – Asia is gone to her forever home.

March 18, 2022 – Asia is recovering from her dental that took place last week.  She lost 10 teeth during the procedure and had the rest scaled and polished.  She has a couple more days of softened food and is most disappointed she can’t shake and chew her stuffy toys.  Asia is fully vetted now and is now ready for her forever home.  Asia will need to be on Urinary SO kibbles & soft food for the remainder of her life as a result of the huge bladder stone she had removed in her first surgery.   The other lifetime medical requirement will be a prescription of Propalin.  She currently requires this syrup 3 times per day to control her leaky bladder she developed after her spaying surgery.  Otherwise, Asia is an easy going girl.  Loves to sleep under the covers on the cooler nights and no issue letting you know what she wants. She likes her bed in the morning and is in no rush to get out of bed.

February 14, 2022 – Asia has fully recovered from her spaying surgery.  She developed a complication which caused her to leak urine. She was tested to ensure no UTI was present, the results came back clear.  The vet believes the leaking issue was a result of the bladder (huge stone removed 6 weeks prior) being manipulated during her spay surgery.  The course of treatment has been stilbestrol for 5 days and followed by 1 tablet a week for 5 weeks.  The vet feels Asia will recover fully without the need for further treatment.  After 5 days of the medication, there has been no more leakage. Asia was microchipped during her spay and will have her vaccines updated tomorrow.  The last procedure for Asia will be a dental and then she will be ready for her forever home!  Asia has a great spirit!  She enjoys a good snuggle and likes to be close.  She can be a little barky at times but knows that behavior will not be tolerated when told to stop. She has been enjoying the milder weather and likes to sniff the backyard and enjoying the fresh air.  Asia has been learning that nail trims are not the end of the world and is behaving better each week as they are trimmed. Asia loves her stuffy toys and like to have a game of fetch with them.  In true pug style, her absolute favourite things are treats, naps and snuggles!

January 24, 2022 – Asia is doing very well.  The results are in from her cystotomy, Asia’s bladder stone was of struvite composition.  This means that she will need prescription diet Urinary SO to prevent future occurrences for the remainder of her life.  Asia is having her spay surgery this Friday, January 28.  Here is hoping for a complication free surgery and speedy recovery.  In typical pug style Asia is far from being a fan of the cold weather that we have been experiencing.  Thankfully, she listens well and obeys the “go do your business” command and heads straight to the house once the mission is accomplished.  Asia is completely housetrained and has great holding capabilities. Asia is becoming more accustom to noises around the house and is not running to hide but is staying a safe distance away and being curious.  This wee girl loves a good snuggle under the blankets and if not under the blankets pressed tight against your body for some comfort. She also snores like a freight train. She absolutely loves to sleep between your legs, under or on top of the covers.   Asia gets along well with her foster siblings but would also do well as an only pug as she loves to be the center of attention.  Please keep Asia in your thoughts this coming Friday.

January 5, 2022 – Asia has completely recovered, complication free from having her large bladder stone removed.  There is no doubt she is feeling so much better without the 1” x 2” stone causing pressure and irritation to her bladder. She is already showing an improvement in holding her urine.  One of Asia favorite things to do is sleep under the covers in the big bed until she gets to warm and is then happy to come out and tuck herself close to your body.  We discovered that she isn’t a fan of the vacuum and actual had a pee accident on the floor.  We are working on overcoming this fear and continue to expose her to other noises to build her confidence.   Asia has started to entertain herself with stuffy toys, so cute to watch!   We have booked Asia’s dental and spaying surgeries about 6 weeks apart to allow sufficient time to heal from each procedure.  Asia will not be available for adoption until mid-March.  Asia sends pug kisses and thanks you all for your continued support and following her story

December 16, 2021 – Asia is a sweet girl, very easy going and gets along perfect with her pug roommates.  Asia is doing much better with a week of twice daily antibiotics in her system.  She has stopped peeing pus and no longer has blood in her urine.  She does however still require frequent trips out to do her business as her bladder isn’t able to hold much urine.  We are hopeful that after surgery (Dec 20) and the healing process that she can extend her retention frequency.  Asia is adjusting well to Urinary SO kibble but seems to enjoy her evening meal more that her morning one.  We discovered that Asia could do a high five for treats, followed by a sit if not too excited.  She tends to beg at the table while the humans enjoy their meals, but we are working on that.  We have started some short walks, but Asia gets somewhat concerned the further we get away from the house.  We feel that this will get better with time as she overcomes her insecurities and continues to build her confidence.  So far, Asia isn’t showing much interest in playing with toys but when encouraged, she will play for a short period of time.  She has no interest in entertaining herself with a toy at this point.  We went for a longer car ride on the weekend and Asia did well, she had no issue curling up in a dog bed for a nice nap in the sun.  Asia doesn’t seem to be a fan of cats, or at least ones that roam freely in the neighborhood. Asia will have her cystotomy this coming  Monday to remove her large bladder stone.  Please send her positive vibes for a speedy recovery.

December 8, 2021 – Asia was timid and unsure of her new surroundings when she first came into rescue. She had accidents in the first 24 hours but has settled into a good routine and no recent accidents to speak of. Asia does require frequent trips outside to empty her bladder as it is filled by a huge stone. She has had 3 doses of antibiotics and is showing some improvement with bladder control.
Asia has settled in nicely, enjoy naps in a comfy bed. Asia is crate trained and doesn’t make a peep
when inside her crate. She is currently sleeping in an xpen overnight until her bladder issue is resolved.
Again, not a peep once we are settle in for the night. She has a fondness for a treat when she comes back inside from doing her business, performs a little dance and is quiet happy with just a tiny bit. Asia has been placed on a special diet – Urinary SO, to help with her condition; she isn’t crazy about the new food,
but with a little topper of canned Urinary SO, she finds it more palatable.
Asia gets along great with the resident pugs and vice versa. She seems to travel well in a vehicle so far,
but we haven’t tried any great distance. We will start daily walks when she starts feeling better. Asia is a petite wee girl and seems to have sensitive feet to the snow and cold! Yes, she is a pug, bring on the I may freeze drama. Stay tuned for weekly updates as we get to know this girl better and learn more of her personality.

December 7, 2021 – Asia came in last night.  Due to no fault of hers, she was surrendered to us.  Asia is a petite 6 1/2 years girl.  She went to the vet this morning and xrays showed stones in her bladder.  Asia has been put on Clavamox for 14 days – her surgery is scheduled for December 20.  Asia is a nice girl who gets along well with other dogs.  Asia is not spayed but we will take care of that once she has recovered from her stone removal surgery.