Age: 1
Adoption Fees: $575
Adoption Status:

March 5, 2020 – Ariana & Emma are gone to their forever home together..(:

February 25, 2020 – Emma and Ariana are wonderful roommates.  They’ve adapted to the household schedule and understand that barking is not allowed inside.  A semi-detached home would be suitable as long as they have a backyard.  Both girls have lots of pent up zoomies to release. They learn very quickly, we’ve been working on manners this week.  Thankfully they love their liver treats and are very food motivated as most Pugs are.  Emma is more reserved, Ariana is very enthusiastic about almost everything except meeting other dogs while on her leash.  They are by my side wherever I go, but will entertain themselves or lie down and cuddle together when I’m occupied.  Both girls have been sleeping in the big bed all night and they wait to be lifted down every morning.  Ariana snores and Emma likes to sleep under the covers.  These sweethearts will melt your heart and keep you smiling.

February 20, 2020 – Ariana is doing really well  with her ‘toilet training’.  She is the active one, always looking to play and following me everywhere in typical Pug fashion.  Ariana LOVES to run through the snow like a Husky.  She is very attached to her Sister, they groom each other and love to cuddle.  Ariana and Emma are enjoying their walks and get very excited when I put on their harnesses.  They understand ‘walk’, ‘no’ and ‘bed’.  We are going to work on some other basic commands this week now that Ariana is getting better at going outside to do her business.  She may relapse during the transition to her forever home so patience is required.  They would love a backyard and young humans to play with.  Never a dull moment with these two, they are as entertaining as they are adorable.

February 17, 2020 – Ariana & Emma have settled in over the past two weeks. They’ve progressed from being very noisy and excited when we leave the house to calm and quiet. At least until we get home and they become very animated, bouncing and chirping around to greet us!  Both girls are energetic and need active play. They particularly enjoy a good game of tug-of-war or tag in the backyard. Both Ariana & Emma love to interact with each other and other dogs and children—Emma takes the lead and instigates play with Ariana standing back to assess the situation before joining the fun.  Ariana & Emma are crate trained. While they prefer to be on the human bed to snuggle at night, they are comfortable in their crate for the night so long as they are together. They cuddle one another throughout the night and aren’t out of each other’s sight much during the day. They also love to be your shadow.

Emma is fully house trained and will use a pee pad if she can’t get outside. Ariana is making progress but continues to have some accidents inside. Getting these girls outside multiple times a day avoids any accidents and both are eager to get back inside to be rewarded with a liver treat. Ariana & Emma will soon be looking for a forever home with an active family who can keep up with their high-energy levels!

February 4, 2020 – Emma and Ariana had a good week. Ariana is really good at letting me do her ear drops. We got lots of walks in and currently working on teaching them to walk side by side.  Ariana had a tough week with house training, we are working on this.. This weekend she’s done well but had been out quite a bit in the yard. Neither like to do their business on walks.  Did a trial separation this weekend for a few hours at a time.  Neither liked to be left alone. The one that got to be with me in the back of the house in the sunroom did settle down and slept. Ariana had more difficultly being without Emma. When I leave the house to go out, they settle quite quickly and are excited when I return. Conclusion- both don’t like to be without a person.

January 28, 2020 – Ariana & Emma have been in heaven running in the backyard, they were especially happy when the boys next door came to the fence to pet them. These two love children and love to play. Inside they were very curious and sniffed around the house. I let them out every couple of hours and we even got two nice long walks in. They played with their toys and chased each other around. Adriana likes to clean Emma. They are never far apart and always sleep next to each other. No accidents all day. They don’t like you out of sight. No accidents through the night. Both go in and out easily. Today, while I was at work, there was no accidents and they were happy when I got home to take them for a walk. Emma is a bit skittish and the vocal one, barks a bit when she hears a noise but stops when you tell her no.

January 25, 2020 – Ariana & Emma were surrendered by her owner who didn’t have time for them.  Ariana is 1 year old and she is spayed.  She is a little bit overweight so we will be working on a reduced food intake and regular walks. Ariana is going to the vet this afternoon for a complete check up, to be brought up to date in her vaccination and to get microchipped.