Age: 5 years old
Adoption Status:

Adele_storyAdèle has been with us for six weeks now and is a total joy. As you know, she was found abandoned and tied up, in poor shape. She has made a full recovery from her dental work and is now concentrating on enjoying life. Thanks to her foster parents, for giving her such a good start in her second life. She is sweet, gentle and loves nothing better than to be picked up and take a little nap in your arms. Good thing she weighs only 12 lb.! She has had only one accident and that was a day when her tummy was upset and she hardly ate at all. Aside from that she is very polite and sits by the door, always ready to go outside when necessay. She sleeps on her own pillow right between us and hardly moves at all during the night. We feel that she is a perfect fit for us and we appreciate the care that you people take to try and make sure the adoption process has a good result. I think it is really important that people know what they want in a pug’s personality and activity level and what they are prepared to give to a pug in the way of loving, exercise, and attention to hygiene needs. Adèle looks so beautiful in her little pink collar with rhinestones. She is definitely a “pink” sort of girl and prances around – so dainty! Everything is good healthwise and she will be starting her heartworm pills soon. Best wishes and thanks for entrusting Adèle to us.